Aphra Behn and The burney Society

Conference 2017

Activities with Aphra Behn:

Stroll down Pittsburgh with Aphra Behn in mind as you explore the culturally rich city in western Pennsylvania. Janet Todd, in her groundbreaking biography of Behn, paints a rich picture of the author's life in London. Recreate that experience in modern day within the city of Pittsburgh as you use your leisure time to recreate some of Behn's life experiences.

Todd observes: "As long as Behn had money, her domestic needs could easily be met near or in the old city."


Pittsburgh offers great restaurants, shops, markets, nature trails, green spaces, entertainment, architectural feats, and more that fulfill the needs of residents and tourists alike.

"She could get her maid to buy food from street barrows...

Pittsburgh's Stip District contains a great selection of culturally diverse foods! Stop by on Saturdays to see the vendors' fares or visit Wholey's market for some fresh seafood. 

and she herself could easily obtain what she needed on London Bridge,

For a brief respite, you might choose to walk the Roberto Clemente bridge to PNC park or take the iconic incline for a spectacular view of the city (pictured above) and enjoy lunch or dinner on Mount Washington. Also consider an evening on the Gateway Clipper on the three rivers, which is reminiscent of the Thames!

....or hunt and haggle for cloth and accessories at the New England Exchange.

While Pittsburgh doesn't have the New England Exchange, the city offers great boutiques for clothing and accessories. Check out Boutique La Passerelle for great clothing options or American Jewelry for pretty baubles. Clothing can also be found in the Strip District.

She could browse book shops on the lower floor or go to Paternoster Row, where publishers had established themselves after being horribly decimated by the Fire" (160).

Check out The Big Idea Bookstore or Amazing Books and Records for eclectic literary pieces.