The Aphra Behn Society for Women and the Arts invites papers from a wide variety of disciplines including but not limited to Literature, History, Art History, Music History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.

Plenary Lecture by Professor Kristina Straub, Carnegie Mellon University


The Aphra Behn Society for women in the arts 1660-1830

2017 Biennial Conference

the burney society of north america 2017 conference

Call for Papers 

                         "Women and the City" and "placing the burneys"                                                                     November 2-3, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA

The Burney Society consists of professional academics, independent scholars, and serious lay readers familiar with the works of the Burney family. We encourage papers that present new research with fresh insights presented in lively language, and that assume audience familiarity with major texts. We are particularly welcoming to young scholars.

Plenary Lecture by Professor Linda Zionkowski, Ohio University

The Burney family is strongly associated with various cities such as King's Lynn, London, Bath, Brighton, Paris. The family's many talents flourished in urban settings.
Geographical place mattered to the Burney family. But so did other placements: social, political, and class. Moreover, critical placement in Frances's time and in our own has been essential to crafting different versions of Burney.

Inspired by the Burney family's ties to geography, the Burney Society of North America presents "Placing the Burneys."

Papers might address the following topics:

Theater and the City                                                                                Art and the City

Material Culture and the City                                                               Performance and the City

Gender and Urban Spaces                                                                      Gender and the media

Women and Celebrity in the City                                                        The City versus the Country

Sex and the City/Sexuality and the City                                             Politics and the City

The City and the Empire                                                                        Fashion in the City/ Fashioning the City

Travel and Transportation and the City                                             Technologies of the City

Race and the City                                                                                     Servants/Invisible Citizens of the City

Temptation and the City                                                                        Music and the City

The City and the Archive/the City as Archive                                  Madness and the City

We also welcome abstracts for papers not related to the conference theme. 

We invite you to send 1-2 page abstracts or panel proposals, specifying equipment needs, to Laura Engel (engell784@duq.edu) and Marilyn Francus (Marilyn.Francus@mail.wvu.edu) by May 15, 2017.

​Inspired by Aphra Behn's legacy as a female professional in London, and Pittsburgh's urban culture and history, we invite papers that explore the topic of "Women and the City." 

​How do fantasies and realities of "the city"--its people, neighborhoods, theaters, pleasure gardens, coffee houses, exhibition halls, temptations, politics, material culture, ecology, economy, religion, fashion, media, mad houses, and debtors prisons--shape literary, artistic and theatrical culture? How does gender relate to urban experience?​​

Papers might address (but are not restricted to) the following topics:

Place in Frances Burney's Works (City, Country; Interiors; event spaces; effect of place on character)
Place in the Burney Family (Charles Burney in London Society; James Burney at Sea; Susanna in Ireland; etc.)
Critical Placement of Frances Burney by her Peers or Critics
Frances Burney's Placement in the Canon and Curriculum
Charles Burney's Placement in London Society and Meritocracy

James Burney and Geography

The Social Placement of the Burney Family

Please note all presenters must be members of the Burney Society. 

Aphra Behn and The burney Society

Conference 2017

We invite you to send 1-2 page proposals for twenty minute talks that explore the Burneys and place, broadly construed, accompanied by a cover letter which includes a 50-word biographical statement and, if necessary, a justification of A/V support, to Kate Hamilton (kate.hamilton@gmail.com) by May 15, 2017