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Wednesday, November 1st: 

12:00-5:00       Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

6:00                   ABO Editorial Meeting

Thursday, November 2nd:

8:00-9:00         Breakfast/registration

9:00-10:15         Session I

10:30-11:45        Session II

12:30-1:30          Lunch

                            Burney Society Business Meeting

2:00–3:15          Session III

3:30-4:45          Session IV

5:00-6:00         Reception

6:00-8:00         Banquet Dinner

                            Behn Society Plenary

Friday, November 3rd:

8:00-9:00         Breakfast/registration

                            Behn Society Business Meeting

9:00-10:15         Session V

10:45-11:45        Burney Society Plenary

12:00-1:30         Lunch

2:00-3:15           Session VI

3:30-4:45          Session VII

8:00                   Performance of Susanna Centlivre’s The Busy Body




Wednesday, November 1st:

12:00-5:00:      Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, with Kelly Doyle, 
                           WVU Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity (644 College Hall)

Thursday, November 2nd:

8:00:                Breakfast/Registration 

9:00-10:15:     Session I

A. Burney and Social Placement (Chair, Ann Campbell, Boise State University)

Bethany Wong (UC Santa Barbara),"Which Frances? Theater and Evelina"

Sue Howard (Duquesne University), “Frances Burney at the Court of George III: The Tea-Table Wars”

Catherine Keohane (Montclair State University), “Frances Burney, £5, and a ‘Most Singular, Though Brief Adventure’”

B. New Approaches to Aphra Behn (Chair, Aleksondra Hultquist, Stockton University)
Beth Csomay (Duquesne University), “The Invisible Isabella: Examining Aphra Behn’s Murderess”

Karen Gevirtz (Seton Hall University), “Which Way to the River?: Ypres and The History of the Nun

Amy Durant (Queen Mary, University of London), “Aphra Behn and Libertinism”

Amanda Springs (Maritime College, SUNY), “Sisters in the City: Sisterhood, Courtship, and Urban Mobility in The Rover and The Feign’d Curtizens

C. Women, Violence, and Monstrosity (Chair, Kirsten Saxton, Mills College)

Katie Sagal (Heartland Community College), “‘Monstrous Luxuriants’: Women’s           Botanical Writing and the Lives of Plants”

Shannon Small (Duquesne University), “An Infectious Patriarchy: Julia’s Monstrous Performativity in Mary Robinson’s The Natural Daughter

Jennifer Airey (University of Tulsa), “‘The eternal and victorious influence of evil’: Paterinism, Heresy, and Doubt in the Works of Mary Shelley”

10:30-11:45:         Session II

A. The World of Margaret Cavendish (Chair, Katherine Richards, West Virginia University)

Mark Berardi (John Carroll University), “The Empress’ Hangout and the Street-Walking Duchess: Cavendish’s and Lugones’ Epistemologies in the Blazing World

Jamie Kinsley (Arizona State University), “Travelia’s Transformations Through City, Country, and Beyond in Margaret Cavendish’s Assaulted and Pursued Chastity”

Crystal Matey (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), “Speculative Science: Margaret Cavendish’s Vision of a Unified Approach to the Natural World"

B. Colonialism, Aesthetics, and Performance (Chair, Nora Nachumi, Stern College, Yeshiva University)

Kirsten Hanley Cardozo (University of California Davis), “Unmasking Polly: Disguise in Eighteenth-Century Plantation Space”

Mona Narain (Texas Christian University), “Women Writers, Urban Aesthetics and Colonialism: Margaret Cavendish, Jemima Kindersley and Phoebe Gibbes” 

Courtney Druzak (Duquesne University), “‘Disordered States’: The Other, The Queer, and The English Nation in The Innocent Mistress

C. (Re)Introducing Charlotte Charke Roundtable (Chair, Beth Csomay, Duquesne  University)

Jade Higa (University of Hawaii)

Mary Beth Harris (Purdue University)

Shawn Watkins (Duquesne University)

Respondent: Kristina Straub (Carnegie Mellon University)

Noon-1:30:          Lunch (Burney Society Business Meeting, 12:30 to 1:15)

2:00-3:15:            Session III

A. Burney’s Displacements (Chair, Catherine Keohane, Montclair State University)

Mallory Porch (Auburn University), “Evelina’s Afterlife”

Jodi L. Wyett (Xavier University), “‘Are we not all the creatures of one Creator?’ Placing Catholicism in Frances Burney’s Feminism

Jeremy Chow, (UC Santa Barbara), “The Curious Case of the Monkey in the City (Evelina)”

Eileen Horansky (Independent Scholar) “Fanny Burney, Sarah Fielding, and Pirate Publishers: Charting the Currents of Literary Piracy in Eighteenth-Century London and Dublin”

B. The Works of Aphra Behn: A Roundtable Discussion of Editorial Progress 
(Chair, Mary Ann O’Donnell, Editorial Board Member, Cambridge Works of Aphra Behn)

Claire Bowditch (Loughborough University)

Victoria Burke (University of Ottawa)

Karen Gevirtz (Seton Hall University)

Aleksondra Hultquist (Stockton University)

C. Plays, Playwrights, and Politics (Chair, Shawn Watkins, Duquesne University)

Lily Coleman (University of Tulsa), “Blurred Boundaries and the Performance of Innocence: Tracing the Influence of the French 1731 Girard-Cadière Trial”

Susan Carlile (California State University, Northridge), “Women’s Political Engagement in the London Theater, 1775”               

Robin Runia (Xavier University of Louisiana), “Unstable Characters: British Identity in Maria Edgeworth’s Comic Dramas
3:30-4:45:           Session IV

A. All About Austen (Chair, Sharon Harrow, Shippensburg University)

Mackenzie Horne (Duquesne University), “The Sensibility of Time and Space:   Countryside and the Making of the Victorian Era in Jane Austen’s Emma

Sara Tavela (Misericordia University), “How Anne Elliot Gets her ‘Bloom’ Back”

Linda Hudson (University of Tulsa), “Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: The Confines of Domesticity for Female Musicians”

B. Celebrity and the City (Chair, Laura Engel, Duquesne University)

Julian Day (University of Greenwich),“Inventing the London News: How we came to know about the eighteenth-century actress and burletta singer, Anne Brown (Mrs Cargill c.1760-1784) and her media ‘frenemies’.”

Nora Nachumi (Stern College, Yeshiva University),“Character and Caricature: Elizabeth Farren, Dorothy Jordan, Brushstroke and Pen”

Katherine Richards (West Virginia University), “Pay No Attention to the Corpse Behind the Curtain: The Medical Celebrity of the Surgeon John Hunter”

Ashley Shoppe (Pfeiffer University), “Wardrobe of a Whig: Sarah Churchill, Susanna Centlivre, and Attitudes towards Dress”

C. Identities, Space, and the City (Chair, Cassie Childs, University of South Florida)

Kirsten Saxton (Mills College), “The City as Archive: Affective Geographies and Gendered Possibilities” 

Mary Beth Harris (Purdue University), “Men about Town: The Gentleman Author & Amatory Circulation”

Tonya Howe (Marymount University), “Boxing Henrietta

Nichol Weizenbeck (University of Denver), “Bad Boys in the Country or City, Men Behave Badly: Mary Davys's The Accomplish'd Rake

5:00:                    Drinks/Hors d'oeuvres reception

6:00–8:00:         Dinner
                              Aphra Behn Society plenary, Kristina Straub 
                              (Carnegie Mellon University)
                              “The Slap of the Women Writer: Disciplining the Male Body Public.”        

Friday, November 3rd:

8:00:                    Breakfast/registration (8:00 Aphra Behn Business Meeting)

​9:00-10:15:         Session V

A. Burney and Liminal Spaces (Chair, Peter Sabor, McGill University)

Kristin M. Distel (Ohio University), “‘Don't look so ashamed, my pretty dear’: Place and Gendered Shame in The Wanderer

Ann Campbell (Boise State University), “Placing and Replacing Family in Evelina

Teri Doerksen (Mansfield University), “Cyphers and In-Between Spaces: Malleable Identities and Liminal Locations in Evelina and Cecilia

B. New Approaches to Eliza Haywood (Chair, Mary Beth Harris, Purdue University)

Daniel Froid (Purdue University), “The Virgin and the Spy: Authority, Legacy, and the Reading Public in Eliza Haywood’s The Invisible Spy

Aleksondra Hultquist (Stockton University), “The Adulterous Lasselia; or Rewarded with Virtue”

Sheila Hwang (Webster University), “Spa Culture and the Space of Subjectivity in The Surprize, Fantomina, and Bath-Intrigues

Susannah Sanford McDaniel (Texas Christian University), “The “agonies of soul” in the bedroom: Haywood’s construction of sex and space in Love in Excess and Bath-Intrigues
C. Digital Humanities Roundtable (Chair, Karen Gevirtz, Seton Hall University)

Laura Runge (University of South Florida)

Tonya Howe (Marymount University)

Melanie Holm (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Greg Specter (Duquesne University)
10:45-11:45:         Burney Society plenary, Linda Zionkowski 
                              (Ohio University)
                              “Putting Burney in her Place.”

 noon-1:30:          Lunch

2:00-3:15:            Session VI

A. Oroonoko Reconsidered (Chair, Mona Narain, Texas Christian University)

Marie France Guenette (Université de Montréal), “Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko in French Translation (1745-2009)”

J. Kevin Jordan (Seminole State College), “The Animal as Object and/or Metaphor: Truth-Making and Animal Ontology in Oroonoko

Christopher Urban (West Virginia University), “‘The Parley of Eyes’: Space, Place and Gender Mapping in Behn’s Oroonoko

Cynthia Richards (Wittenberg University), “Female Disappointments: The Lesser “Trauma” of Female Pleasure in the Poetry of Aphra Behn and John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester”

B. Picturing Women (Chair, Marilyn Francus, West Virginia University)

Jennifer Germann (Ithaca College), “Framing Family at Kenwood House”

Christina Lindeman (University of South Alabama), “Space and Place: Anna Dorothea Therbusch's Self-Portraiture and the Urban Experience in     Eighteenth-Century Berlin”

Laura Engel (Duquesne University), “Body Double(s): Portraits of Madame Tussaud”

C. Exploring the Transatlantic (Chair, Robin Runia, Xavier University of Louisiana)

Kelly Fleming (University of Virginia), “‘Sights ne’er recorded in the Books of Fame’: Female Investors and Fashion in South Sea Bubble Poetry”

Ashley Nix (University of Tulsa), “Dramatized Rape in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England and Modern America”

Caitlin Kelly (Case Western Reserve University), “Leonora Sansay, Revolution, and the Atlantic World”

Coffee Break

3:30-4:45:           Session VII

A. Exiled Burneys (Chair, Teri Doerksen, Mansfield University)

Cassie Childs (University of South Florida), “Foodwork, Motherhood, and the Archives: A Case Study of Frances Burney’s Letters from France”

Peter Sabor (McGill University), “Frances Burney in England to Alexandre d’Arblay in France: A Newly Discovered Letter”

B.  Women Writers and the Literary Marketplace (Chair: Jennifer Airey, University of Tulsa)

Sarah Anne Storti (University of Virginia), “‘Winning the eye amid the crowded street’: Letitia Landon’s city poems in the literary annuals”

JoEllen Delucia (Central Michigan University), “Elizabeth Hamilton, Mary Hays, and the London Book Trade in the 1790s”

Megan Peiser (Oakland University), “Average. Most Eliza Parsons’ London: Booksellers, Printers, Subscribers, Literary Community”

Anne Persons (Virginia Commonwealth University), '''The means may differ, but the end's the same': Ann Yearsley, Hannah More, and Human Commodification in the Literary Marketplace''

C. Secrets in the City (Chair: Jade Higa, University of Hawaii)

Rebekah Mitsein (Boston College), "'These Women Tell You All their Secrets': Gender and Intrigue in the African City."

Slaney Ross (Fordham University), "Atomic Behn: Understanding Eighteenth-Century Secrets in the Twenty-First Century."

Elizabeth Zold (Winona State University), “’Liberty to go where I pleased’: Gendered Spaces and Spycraft in Tonkin’s The Female Spy.”         

5:00–7:00:          Dinner on your own

8:00:                    Performance of Susannah Centlivre’s The Busy Body 
                              Genesius Theater, Duquesne University


The conference will be held on Duquesne's campus which is two blocks from the Marriott hotel. The Wikipedia- Edit-a-thon on Wednesday 12-5 will be in College Hall 644. Thursday and Friday sessions  will be held at the Power Center. 

Aphra Behn and The burney Society

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